Frankness VS.Rudeness.

Recently I have noticed the increasing misunderstanding of these different terms (frankness and rudeness) so I held my pen and write about it.

I shall say this with a sigh, I have always been a straightforward person whenever I speak my mind; I say what I exactly feel; I believe this is the best way to communicate with others, no need to wear a special mask for each one you know, I see no reason for all the perplexity and bewilderment that hypocrisy always creates.

honestly, quite several people who knew me well would say, if a person doesn’t know me at all, they would assume that I am a snob I carry myself and show a forthright aura, but once they get to know and understand my frankness, they’d see through my point. Unfortunately, there are few people who can understand that.

As for example, to some people, being straightforward and speaking your mind becomes arrogance while to some others, you’re simply confirming and keeping the conversation straight to the point without beating around the bush.

the notion that some people take my frankness as rudeness sickens me and prevents me of giving my opinion in a lot of cases just to avoid all the effervescence and the interminable grudge.

being rude means you have no point from your words except for hurting the other person feeling and make him/her feel small.

in short, I speak quite frankly and I can’t hide it if I am uncomfortable with a situation or some behavior. I can be blunt or sarcastic in a funny way, but I don’t try to be rude or hurt anyone’s feelings, as I usually try to say it fairly diplomatically and I always mention something positive as well.





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