Meeting Rosa Schiano__ italian activist.

yesterday I was in a meeting with Rosa Schiano , an Italian activist, telling us about her experience in Gaza. She has been here since 2 years. well, just think about it, leaving your homeland, family and friends just to support other people rights!!

Honestly i felt ashamed when i looked at her eyes because i know i don’t do much for my own case and i bet she knows hell more abou my own case than me.. What a shame!

I’m so speechless about it i simply can’t find words to describe how amazingly full-hearted she is, she is literally a HUMAN the thing which has extincted from this far-of-humanity world. 

She inspired me or let me say she lighted that flame inside of me to stand for my case for my and our own rights, this is the least thing i can help with.

You know what! i guess We are the ones who should adopt our case and defend it cuz simply no one can better translate our exact feelings, our miseries and our sufferings.It’s great to see others support us as its strengthen our position but it is even greater when we support each others as she mentioned we should work to overcome our internal issues.

The way she perceives our military resistance really moved me she said ” according to the international law any occupied people have the right to defend themselves by ALL MEANS. ” ironically many of ”us” don’t stand for the resistance and say it’s vain. Yeah you should rethink about your attitude toward it.

Someone asked Rosa about her opinion about the ”peace talk” and here where i was a little bit surprised, she is totally against it she says it’s a waste of time plus it’s merely to force Palestinian to give up some of their rights. i tend to totally agree with her.

meeting a fervent-commitment-to-the-Palestinian-cause person definitely made me to rethink about a lot of things i usually take for granted.

ps: i wanted to post this before but there was no power for two whole days, i have no idea how i survived that.



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