The knots of my soul

you and I
are never in the same page,
life is living in a harmony
it has never been a race.
my heart is beating a symphony
and the melancholy melody goes up high whenever you are there.
the quiet spiral of my silence
the knots of my soul.
what about scrambling without any act of violence,
peace can always solve it all.
we are cowering in a vibrant commiseration
lest the ephemeral lugubrious rage.
lest the gale of abomination,
hopelessly attempting to bridge up the gap of age.

our inmost thoughts are a manifestation,
of putting our dulcet love in a cage.
let’s cease the inconsolable pain we cause,

to you and I,

by you and I.



2 thoughts on “The knots of my soul

  1. Bless you Dalia! You express yourself so beautifully in both your poems & prose. Thank you for making me think, for surprising & sometimes shocking me but always entertaining me – you have a gift! I hope life is becoming easier for you & your family & you are safe & warm xx

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