Egocentric pain

No words just sweet random laughter,
That was in the first pages of the chapter.
It was all in your head
The words she has never saidHow did she feel, uh it does not matter
You drove your wheel, but there was no view to capture

it was not real
When you gave her roses and she left them there to die
Imagining seeing her like glancing a meteor in the sky
You decided to be a thief but her heart was hard to steal

And all she saw in you was a supporter brother
But you took it far and even further

she doesn’t know love and you couldn’t understand
You gave her your heart but all she needed was a hand

And to the floating moon you were talking
But she already had given you her back and start walking

You threw your spear,wound, did not apologize after
And as usual with egocentric pain you closed the chapter.moon-364e14c53bfccd5bce9ef8c5bb649f97_h_large


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