Search For Balance.

Recently I have so much time to spend by my own in silence, it’s really a good experience to have time to listen to your soul, hearing your breaths getting inside of you keeping you alive, looking at the sky to see the pure beautiful blue .. when we are hanging with others all we do is watching their faces and hearing their words we never get the time to look at what surrounding us.. we are surrounded by real beauty .. as I walk alone I look at things wondering why haven’t I noticed that before.. it’s been there all the time but my sight was blocked by nothing but my mind.. yeah mind enslavement always seems impossible, the thickness of your thoughts preclude using your senses probably.. when you practice silence you will get the chance to listen to what people were trying to tell you all the time, not only words but also actions.

Shut your mouth, open your mind, don’t think just watch, hear and touch the life. You will gain a big deal of wisdom . you will explore your spirit and will find out how much time you were wasting on wrong things or with wrong people .

we all want to make this planet a better place for all, right? Well first start with your life make it better for your own.. be nice to yourself.. you are only good to people then if they let you down you go and cry to God ,sometimes to people or whatever you do.. the point is first and foremost you have to be good to yourself. Take a while and think of your deeds use this table (you don’t have to get a paper and write it down do this inside your brain):Image

Results will amuse you because you will find out that you are using your effort in a very wrong way. You expect a higher level of satisfaction in life or this is what we all seek for ‘’balance’’, well balance need to  distribute your efforts equally on two things and in this case they are  “your inner world” and ‘’the external world” and by internal of course I mean yourself, your soul, spirit and feelings. And external world includes everything else.

Do yourself a favor and get balanced.






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