Dear people of facebook,

Facebook is a social networking service that allows people around the world to stay in touch, share their ideas and spread good vibes.
IT IS NOT A COMPLAINING WEBSITE. actually most of the times we really don’t care about your problems and complaints.

we are here to have fun in our free-time not to read about your disappointments, how of a big loser you are or how you suck at living.

well, when you need a help you have to ask for it but specifically ask people who actually care, and assuming that all your facebook’s friends care is -im sorry but- stupid. we all have our own troubles.

of course i’m not talking about the people who complain once in a while -i myself do it like this post for eg,- but i’m talking about the people who post a 700 complaints a day!! like for God sake go and visit a therapist.

i’m done of doing ”i don’t wanna see this in my newsfeed” and unfollowing facebookers.



your opinion matters, leave it here :)

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