It Is A GENOCIDE, isn’t it?

”I learned that people can easily forget that others are human.”

I have witnessed many wars in Gaza before but I never felt this sad, I am very downhearted that my heart started to physically hurt me. Whenever the tune of the breaking news is on, my lungs pause breathing and my heart beats real slow allowing me to feel the moment and let all the emotions and grief sink in.

I guess the real reason behind this ocean of sad emotions is that I stopped feeling  sorry for the victims rather I started to imagine myself in their places, I visualize how it feels when you lose your home, the place you grew up in, the place that is fragranced by the scent of childhood memories, your room, the drawer where you hide your cool stuff, your books ,your toys and your everything.

How it feels when they call you giving you 10 minutes to leave your house, the longest 10 minutes that anyone can live through, in ten minutes you have to pack up all your memories and leave it forever.

I imagined how it feels when you are a six years old boy who wake up in the hospital to know the fact that he lost all his family members, so you start crying and calling their names till you fall asleep.

Kenan hammed, is the boy I’m trying to simulate his feelings, I as an adult will not  by any means be able to handle this, how’s a kid who doesn’t understand what death means can handle this?

Name a one therapist that can heal him? Each time he walks in the street and sees a family he will wish if he had gone with them, each time he hears some sympathy words he will hate all the so-called civilized world whom their deafening silence to Israel’s crimes against humanity is the main reason of the aggression.

Each time I hear that a house is destroyed, a  piece of my heart breaks down, it is just so heart-breaking to know that we are hopelessly helpless.

A massacre after massacre, targeting civilians, bombing houses, entire families getting killed , journalists , children , women , elders and ordinary people just because they are Palestinians , that’s their only fault , even Ambulances are being targeted, homes are being destroyed without even pre-warning the people inside them! It’s a genocide by all meanings.  So devastating.

Till this moment the death toll  reaches to 83 martyrs and

more than 620 injuries and the counting is still going. According to the Euro-mid observer (9th of July statistics)  More than 312 homes and mosques have been destroyed, 52 of them were fully destroyed and 259 were partially destroyed, the total number of rockets that were fired on Gaza is 1033, 747 air raids, 144 naive rockets and 142 artillery shells.




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