You Have 10 minutes To Leave!

yesterday my friend’s house has been totally destroyed with four rockets, note that this is the third time, the house has been destroyed in previous wars and they keep rebuilding it. sadly they have just moved in a few months ago after the last rebuilding.
the funny point that when the Israeli army called them to leave the house they said ”please leave the house and FORGIVE US” like wth did they expect the answer to be ”yeah totally bro we forgive you for destroying our home for the third time, we forgive you for killing our children, we forgive all your deeds, no hard feelings ”!!

my friend’s family were already out of their house, and after the call they went to a building beside their house and watched it turn to ashes. all of them stood there wondering why? 
her little brothers were watching with their tears on their eyes, all their toys are there.

and now world a new family of 10 members become houseless, for the records more than 2000 houses have been damaged due to the Brutal aggression.
how far this should continue to break the silence?? how many person should die? how many kids should become an orphan?

by the way, Israel has broken 65 U.N resolutions with no consequences. Iraq broke two and got invaded, just saying.


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