False Alarm


It was 2:10 am the phone rang waking him up, he thought it’s going to be some news about something bad happened but it wasn’t.

”hello” he said with a throaty voice

A  voice said mnemonically ” CLEAR THE HOUSE NOW!”  incautiously he dropped the phone and rushed to wake his sons, one of his sons went out to tell the neighborhood as all the houses are so close to each others due to the high population density in Gaza Strip. his 3 sons, his daughter, his daughter in law, his 3 grandsons, his wife who is suffering from kidneys’ failure and cannot walk and himself who has spent 13 years in the Israeli’s prisons left the house.    

Meanwhile, I was swinging outside, my mind was  preoccupied with thoughts of how things are going to be and staring at the starry stars, all of a sudden I noticed people rushing In the street I called my bother to check what’s going on, we heard the people screaming they are going to destroy Abu Tareq’s house (it’s a 4-floor building), the house is less than 70 matters away of ours, I opened the windows so they won’t damage from the blast and I sent my brother down to tell my uncle but my uncle was already on his way to tell us to leave the house just in case, I waked up my mum and the rest of my siblings, we took out our emergency bags and we left the house in less than 2 minutes, we along with other 20 families were in the street having no clue where to go, the kids were trembling, having no idea what’s going on, they were sleeping and probably dreaming of peace as the only place where you can enjoy genuine peace is your dreams.

Each minute felt like a century, hardly ever we were waiting on pins and needles to hear the sound that’s going to end this real nightmare, my grandma was crying and praying to God that this is going to be a lie or something, actually we all were praying because the situation was like if  we are at the death’s door.

Then some people opened their doors for us, we stayed there for about 30 minutes and nothing happened, I made some calls asking if it’s okay to go back home they said it was okay, so went back home with lots of fears but eventually things went fine. We were all glad that they hadn’t targeted the house.

This is an aspect of our endless sufferings in this biting aggression, facing in fully swing all the Constant Israeli violations of human rights and united nations charter’s articles in hopes that our sufferings from all the atrocities that Israel continues to commit against the civilians in Gaza will appeal the international conscience to do something to end our anguish.






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