Life and death struggle

When I was a little girl I had a vision

Of free land that has everything we were wishing

Then I grew up without peace predispositions

Aggression eludes another biting aggression

A sever escalation of the gloomy situation

Resulted by the constant international misprision

Life and death struggle is a way of living

For the consecutive generations

After a long time we got the recognition of the nation

So we officially become an oppressed nation

Under the cursed Israeli occupation

Oh and let me tell you about the fruitless negotiations

Or ”peace talks” in another designation 

It continued for years despite the public abomination

The nonstopping flood of our precious blood was the redemption

We stood in the strain

Hand in hand achingly overpassing our pain

Alone, we do it all over again

Because we deeply believe that

Allah will soon eases us the easiest

And all their plotting will go into great error,

And our kids’ agitated hearts will no longer live in terror,

Movies will be the only thing that contains fears and horror.

A simple manifestation of media’s defraudations

When we defend our land they make us defendants

The fact is all what the virulent mainstream media

Do is brain washing

And we eagerly awaiting you to realize all the manipulation

Cause indeed living at death’s door isn’t a thing you get used to

It’s not in any way a habituation.









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