new massacre

We Palestinians are stubborn. Do not give up any of our rights, for any reason, so are our children who refused to give up their right to play on the beach.
A New massacre and the victims are children Ahed Atif Baker (10), Zakaria Ahed Baker (10(
,Mohamed Ramiz Baker (11) and Ismael Mohamed Baker (9) were playing football by the beach near their home before they were chased by missiles and brutally slain and bombed to pieces .
Eyewitnesses say the kids managed to escape the first missile but were chased by another missile, I want the world to take a minute to answer me, what is their fault? how could they threaten ”Israel’s security”?
and what kills me that the world still thinks it’s all part of Israel’s ‘self defense’  how could all the world be this blind? 
what a shame!!




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