We teach life

After the  sun set of the 7th day of the brutal aggression on Gaza Strip, I heard some sounds of explosions I went to the window trying to locate the targeted place as there was no power or internet, there was some smoking haze but it’s kind of a usual thing.

The sky was clear blue with some angry red lines and adorned with a full moon, such an ethereal beauty. I took a deep breath and said ” I love living in Gaza”, I really do, I lived through the second intifada, 2008 aggression, 2012 aggression and this one and it all made me strong person that rarely panic.

There was some points earlier in my life when I felt that I deserve to live in some place with an art museum,with a big zoo,with music concerts and tennis championships , but now I feel like it’s okay to watch these things along with other luxurious things on TV because in Gaza you learn things you can’t learn anywhere else, you get to learn the difference between the sound of Israeli raid and the sound of the resistance rocket, you can tell the difference between the different war plans, the apatchi, the F16 and the dozon and also you can easily tell if it was an air raid, navy’s missiles or artery’s missiles.  

In Gaza your sadness is distracted by someone’s else grief, in Gaza you hide your own suffering to commiserate others, in Gaza you don’t complain about your pain to respect someone’s anguish. In Gaza we speak courage and patience language. In Gaza We teach life before any thing else.


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