Hashtag ”Free Palestine”: #FreePalestine

Ever experienced a 21 hours without electricity, water or internet? Oh and add while being under attack and shelling and bombing are everywhere. It’s like a.. I don’t know if I know a word to describe it, imagine it if you could and multiply it by 10.. yes I guess that would be close to what 1.7 million people are feeling now.

An Israeli girl on twitter tweeted ” UNFOLLOW ME IF YOU ARE PRO-PALESTINIAN, you don’t understand how is life like when sirens are on all the time”..

Thinking about it, yes she’s right we don’t understand how is it when sirens are on , because we Palestinian don’t have any fucking sirens,  we don’t have any cell-phone application that warn us too, all we have is a ” BOOM” , BOOM-YOUR LIFE IS OVER, BOOM-YOUR HOUSE IS GONE, BOOM-YOUR KIDS ARE DEAD, BOOM-RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, BOOM-YOU LOST YOUR LEGS.. BOOM AFTER BOOM AFTER BOOM.

And the rest of the world don’t understand sirens life because they don’t steel other’s land and keep killing them, they live in a fucking peace and harmony with other countries.

You don’t have to cry like a victim when obviously you are an oppressor, you don’t like sirens life then back up and fucking leave our land, because I assure you sirens will be on for a very long time.

I’ve heard that some celebrities are tweeting #FreePalestine, it’s great to know that lots of people started to see the truth. Even though the mainstream media is trying hard to block it.

There’s a thing I want everyone to understand well, we don’t want pro-Palestinian people, we want pro-peace, pro-humanity, pro-human dignity, pro-human rights, pro-freedom people, because there are other countries that suffer as much as we do, we want the suffering to stop everywhere around the world, we are the next generation, the generation that believes in love and freedom to all.

We don’t want to spread hate by making people pick a side, we just want to have our rights back, we want to stop our blood flood, we want to live in peace,  all I want before I die is to know how a peaceful life feels like.

Once truth is denied to human beings, it is pure illusion to try to set them free. Truth and freedom either go together hand in hand or together they perish in misery.

How beautiful it would be, if all of us, young and old, men and women, devoted ourselves wholly to Truth, peace and love  in all that we do in our lives!





5 thoughts on “Hashtag ”Free Palestine”: #FreePalestine

  1. May allah swt bless u Davila and Palestine and the Palestinians.Israelis are the most evil people on earth their crimes without number their oppressiveness without end


  2. dahlia what an amazing post your conclusion is like something written from a Nobel prize winner… Stay strong , keep writing, my thoughts are with you and I will keep sharing so everyone is aware of the injustice x


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