Carnage’s PUZZLE and war-games!


In this article I’m going to talk about something different than what the Israeli Army is doing in Gaza, I want to talk about what our doctors spent their evening doing.

Can you believe that they were playing ‘puzzles’!! not any puzzle but special kind of puzzles that the Israeli war-planes created for them after they bombed a building causing death of 11 person, well actually death is an underestimating word because these 11 were bombed to pieces!

A pile of human flesh was brought to the hospital and the doctors had to put the pieces together to form a body, how fun right?!

I’m sure you are eagerly waiting  to know the final result, after an hour of playing they recognized 5 kids, their mum and their dad along with 4 people from another family.

That was in the evening, however in the afternoon the doctors of Shuhda’ Al-aqsa hospital were playing another game called ” save other’s lives while running for your life”.

In more details, the bloodthirsty, barbarize, brutal and vicious war-planes targeted Shuhda’ Al-aqsa hospital destroying the 2nd and the 3rd floors which contain the surgery section, the operation section, the lab, the ICU section and the oxygen producing unit which is necessary for all surgeries. Add to this death of 4 people and the injury of other 40.

Doctors said they were operating a surgery when the hospital were attacked, they didn’t know what to do, to run for their lives or to keep working on  saving the injured man life. Somehow they managed to do both.

Another doctor mentioned that he was in delivery room, they got the baby out and then BOOM, they ran for their lives and took the woman who kept bleeding for a while but thank god they eventually saved her life.

They tried to evacuate the hospital because it was out of service,  that was nearly impossible because the red-cross didn’t response to the hospital calls, and an ambulance was targeted during carrying a critical injury to another hospital.

The injured people were everywhere lying on the floor in pain, panic-stricken and horrified, wondering if they can survive this time. Lots and lots of heart-breaking stories from the hospital.

I don’t know how I feel about all this, I’m numb, I guess reached the peak of sadness, the saddest point I can be, I think my heart is shattered in pieces and there’s nothing in my chest that can break.

WHY? YES WHY ALL THIS HAPPEN TO US? Isn’t our life already miserable?

8 years of suffocating siege in we which we were slowly dying obviously weren’t enough to get the world’s attention. Now we are dying quickly, we are slain and we are bombed to pieces, I hope this time the world will start to realize the size of our sufferings.

We know that Our suffering has a meaning, we know that the freedom is a tree that is irrigated by noble blood. That’s why we are willing to shed more of our precious blood, if it’s going to be the price for living in peace, dignity and freedom SO BE IT.




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