This biting aggression has ruined Ramadan, the month we were impatiently waiting. The loss of our houses, beloved ones, family members were too much for all of Gazains.

However, when it’s Iftar time we gather to eat after long hours of fasting, we don’t eat as much as we discuss the news, pray for they martyrs, injured and grief-stricken people and we thank God for staying alive.

Abu-Jami’ family was having their last meal together on earth, the spirit of united loving and caring family seemed to annoy the blood-thirsty war-lovers unhuman army, so they targeted the 3-floors building killing 26 person most of them women and kids, the whole family were slaughtered except for one kid, one out of 27 survived this genocide. He’s now lying on the hospital between life and death still don’t know about what happened to his family.

But GOD he’s just a kid, think of the favorite kid you know, anyone.. now imagine that you have to tell him that he’s going to be okay but all his family died, and that he’s the only one who has to revive his family’s breed. I know you can’t imagine that, you won’t dare to break a little kid’s heart even in your imagination, no one with a heat could imagine this.

Whatever words I use to describe this massacre, I won’t be able to transmit 1% of the feelings of the relatives of the 26 martyrs, actually I’m just telling the story because I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard about it in your media.




One thought on “THE LAST MEAL!

  1. In the U.S. I’ve seen some reporting on TV news from the Gaza side. But it is not as graphic as what I find on the internet and social media. Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders get a lot of air time. Not as much air time, it seems, for Palestinian leaders. But there is some. Seems to be about a 60/40 air time imbalance on Israel’s side. I can never know your pain. I can only understand that you have much pain, fear, anger, despair, etc. I guess you need to be safe and to be understood better. I wish you well.


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