You will never understand!


” We were talking about whether the aggression will be over before the Eid (festival held after the end of the fasting month) or not!

Then we heard speakers telling us to evacuate our houses immediately, everyone rushed out of their houses running in the street, screaming in panic, then suddenly it started to rain shells, I saw awful things I .. ” she said and started to cry

” I wish to wake up with amnesia” she wept ”I don’t want to live with these memories, you don’t understand how it feels, no one will ever understand.. kids, lots of kids.. there was a mum crying her 3-years old son telling him to not worry they going to a safe place, he was holding to her so tight, but then” she paused trying to catch her breath.

But then the basterds killed her, she fell in the ground, the kid also fell, he cried MUM! MUM!, I’ll never forget his shout, it was a cry of helpless devastating kid, a man came and told him to run with his sons, the kid obeyed and started to run with the other kids.. I didn’t know what happened to them next..

I stumbled with a women body, I screeched but I hold myself together and kept running, I was waiting the moment of my death, shells were falling everywhere around, I didn’t see anyone of my family, I didn’t know anything about them, at dawn I saw my brother, we started to look for the rest our family, we found out that my grandmother couldn’t make it, she couldn’t run so she hid in the stairwell, she was wounded and bled to death, my niece was missing as well as my other brother.. the bodies stayed in the street till afternoon as the shelling didn’t stop..” she stopped talking

She continued ” do you remember the kid I told you about? I saw him in the video of the massacre..” she burst in tears ”he died, you don’t know how much I prayed for him to survive, you will never understand I, I ..then they brought my father’s body.. you don’t feel my pain.. I, I ..” her tears were suffocating her, her voice faded and she refused to add any other word.

this is a story of one of the survival from Al-shujaya massacre in which 74 were killed among them 17 kids, 14 women, 4 elders, a paramedic and a pressman.

I don’t know if there is any psychological support that can heal them, anything that can erase the hell they been through, not only for her bit for all the kids who are too young to be this sad.



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