same scenario, different place.

I waked up after 2 hours of sleeping at some noise in the street as people started to flee from kuzaa after 4 days of being trapped. I stayed at my bed listening to their terrified voices telling their stories, they don’t know who died and there are a lot of missing people, the kids were crying and so were their mums.

”man up dude, what’s wrong with you, hold on” someone yelled I went to look through the window and I saw a very heartbreaking scene, a young man was sitting on the street crying his eyes out, I cried a lot after that, I don’t know his story but I’m pretty sure his loss is big, when you see a Palestinian man crying, you know he had more than enough.

Khuzaa  a small town to the east of khan younis, northern Gaza was the place of another brutal massacres, tens of people have been slain and injured, the final statistics are still unknown because  the red-cross, ambulances and civil defense couldn’t enter the town specially after Israel had declared  khuzaa as closed militarily zone.

For the last 4 days the town was under sever random artillery shelling causing the destruction of ten of houses, yesterday more than 50 houses were bombed at the same time which felt like an earthquake as they eyewitness said, lots of houses were bombed on the head of its resident, lots of people are still buried under the wreckage, bodies are in the streets.. some of them bled to death. It’s the same scenario of shujaya massacres.

120 people most of them are children and women stuck in a 4×4 room for four days under continues random shelling, their continued SOS calls got them nothing but more despairs and disappointment.

In the third day people couldn’t endure staying under continued shelling so the decided to risk their lives and went out together, the Israeli soldiers told them to get back and then started shooting them, some were injured but that didn’t stop them of trying again later, they walked under a rain of shells, the people who survived got out of the town.

”It was a holocaust” said one of the survivals, the special force rummaged some houses, arrested some people, and then exploded the houses.

Most of the survival came to my city, there is 50000 people already in my city but now I bet there are more than  100,000 people, I’m not sure if there’s going to be enough food and water for all. I met some of the survival, I looked in their eyes and I saw great deep sadness, grief and worrying, I felt so helpless I knew my words will do nothing to make them feel better.

A little girl of 4 was asking her dad ”when are we going home?” he looked miserably down to her then she ran to play, he said bitterly ”what home?!” ”she doesn’t know?” I asked  ..he buried his face in his hands and shook his head. His house was destroyed.

I couldn’t hold my tears any longer, I went to my room and burst in tears. It’s so heart breaking. 


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