Just like that!

As usual I spend an hour trying to sleep before I give up and find something else to do beside listing to the news, in fact I haven’t slept at night since 20 days, my brain forgot all about sleeping, every day I collapse from exhaustion in the morning and wake up to a nightmare or a sound of explosions, sometimes both.

So after I counted all the sheep in the world and all my attempts to sleep failed, I gave up and went to read some book, minutes later my mom woke up I started to update her about the news she missed in the last three hours while she was sleeping.

Suddenly, BOOM, I panicked, closed my eyes and hugged my mum tightly, then I fell in the floor as my knees couldn’t hold me.. in a minute I hold myself together and went to check the targeted area, it was really dark as it was 2:30 Am. I saw the smoke and the dust of the explosion.. screams of panicky women  and kids was really loud and very sorrowful. I couldn’t hold my tears because I was able to tell that the house were destroyed on the head of its residents. Sadly I was right .

All of my family members and my homeless relatives who are staying with us woke up and they were all really terrified, the kids were trembling.

Minutes later the radio mentioned some details, it was our neighbor’s house, the house was bombed without any previous warning, more than 40 people were in the house, 7 families,  most of them were the people who fled  Khuzaa’s massacres, they literally escaped from death to death.

Just like that 20 people died, 17 of them are from Al-najjar family, among them 11 kids and 6 women, other 25 people were injured.

This situation really sickens me, lots of blood and lots of silence.. I turned into a mass of anger and rage. Israel should be punished for this countless violation of human rights and all the War crimes. Israel is like a cancer in the world.

Isn’t it funny that they call War crimes, WAR-CRIMES!! Isn’t the war itself a crime that should be stopped around the world, isn’t it a crime against human beings, human rights and human dignity!!

Having a money to buy weapons doesn’t give you the right to kill people, I don’t understand why the world is keeping silent, why are they standing still with tied hands watching us being slain? Why Israel is that scary? Does it have some dragons and monsters? Seriously world man up.

There are some countries that took some political moves against Israel, it’s great we, appreciate it but obviously it’s not enough because the massacres haven’t stopped yet. Will this nightmare end?! I’m tired.


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4 thoughts on “Just like that!

  1. Assalamualaikum sis Dalia,
    I do not even have words to tell u how my heart and soul weeps for u and for the people suffering there!
    I am from India and have been praying everyday for the Palestinians!
    Alhumdulilah, all of us are absolutely boycotting Israeli products. I do not know if it makes a difference but we surely stand by you.
    I love u my dearest sister and May Allah protect u and yr family from every evil in this world and the Next. May Allah have His never ending mercy on u all and may He get peace soon!


  2. Asalaamualaykum sister dalia
    My heart goes out to u, ur family, and all the Palestinians suffering. I read ur blog everyday and it brings me to tears. I live in the USA and support Palestine 100%. My father is from Hebron but I have never visited there. I pray that Allah keeps u safe and keeps u posting on this blog. I hope He keeps ur family strong.


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