Right in a wrong way.


All of my family were sleeping, I was the only awake one in the building, I was listening to the news, to the dozen’s buzzing which is horrible and to the unstopping bombing.

Suddenly, my brother’s cell phone rang, I picked up , it was a voice massage from the Israeli Army in which they order us to evacuate the town along with the surrounding towns heading to a ”safe area” or else we will be slain just like the people of shujaya. After a while The other cell phones rang, same number, same massage.

REALYY!! To a safe area! Are you fucking kidding me? There’s no safe area in Gaza! Where should we go? Seriously where do you want us to go? Someone ASNWER ME!!

Where to go if the Israeli war planes are targeting any group of civilians, any group of kids,  even the schools that are used as shelters for the homeless are being targeted, the hospitals, the mosques, EVERY THING, EVERY WHERE, EVERY MINUTE!

I honestly rather to die in my house than any place else, staying at home just feels right, right in a wrong way.

Meanwhile, the shelling and the bombing were everywhere around, but there was no news as there was no network or power, so basically we didn’t know what’s going on, the house kept shaking like if there was an earthquake, we prayed it’s going to be alright.

In the morning, my 11 years brother told me that they say we have to clear the area, many people have left what do you think?

I said, I think we are staying, there’s no place to go.. “you are right” he agreed.

By the way, I live in a place that’s known as ”relatively safe” place, this means that I’m among the least suffering people.. I myself can’t imagine how’s it in the ”unsafe areas”, can you?

I know this might shock some of who read all of my stories but this is how it is, I actually think in this aggression that the safe area doesn’t exist, even death isn’t safe as they bombed several graveyards.

 tumblr_n9g8jh1tsV1r55d2io1_500 tumblr_n9gewnhciZ1qexjbwo1_400


One thought on “Right in a wrong way.

  1. never being so close to truth alike this time , and it’s so ugly , sad , depressive , bad just to read it , how about living it ? I wish you guys ,, I don’t know , stay alive ? win this thing ? just stay safe.


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