From my diary: 30th of July


July, 30, 2014

I fell sleep from exhaustion an hour later, ”Dalia wake up we are evacuating now” my mom said almost desperately

Definitely that wasn’t a sentence you’d like to wake up hearing.

I wash  my face , changed my cloths and put some cloths in my emergency back-bag, ”hurry up” my mum kept shouting.

I have 2-months old brother, we had to make sure we have everything he needs and it was a lot of stuff.

I stared at my books-shelf trying to pick a one, it was hard to choose a one, like  a mother has to choose only one of her sons to safe, my mum kept yelling at me so I just left.

Everyone in my building had left, and they kept lots of supposed-to-take things behind, my mom took some and carried Adam (baby-brother) and started to run as the shelling was around, I put the rest of the stuff in Adam’s cotta and moved on. They were heavy so I was running  slowly, it was really scary, lots of people were running, the explosions were around, we kept ducking to every sound we heard, it was terrifying. I felt that I’ll be targeted because I was carrying lots of stuff so I tried to stay away from my siblings, who were running in front of me.

I had ran for about 1 km before my uncle came with the car, he first took his family, and then came again for my grandmother, her sister and his grandma, then came for my mom and my aunts, then came for me and my siblings.

We made it to an empty flat in the center of Khan younis, when I said an empty flat I literally meant an EMPTY FLAT, there was no water, no power, no food,  no internet.. just floor and more floor.

My uncle took his family and went to Egypt! They have a Norwegian passports and ONLY foreigners were allowed to leave the open-air prison. I was glad they left, that will lessen the number of people I have to worry about, however I felt a little bit of I don’t know maybe discrimination, foreigners are allowed to leave to a ”safe place”  however Gazaian are not, we are also human, we are equal..

Basically there were more than 24 people in the totally-empty flat among them 2 babies and 6 kids.

The clock was just 6:47 am, my body was dry like a desert and I was out of breath, minutes later they brought some water to drink, I drank but stayed thirsty.

We tried to sleep, I couldn’t.. in one hand I didn’t want to spend the last hours or minutes of my life sleeping but in the other hand I needed to sleep, my blood-red eyes felt like fire, fire of anger, depression and pessimism.

The streets were really crowded with lots of people who don’t know where to go as the school couldn’t take any more people.. a funeral passed by.. seeing a soulless body carried on shoulders from above made me shiver thinking of the 1,300 martyrs, thinking that I might be next..

Later, we sat thinking about being refugees again, history was repeating itself, we are going through the same things our grandfathers went through.. we are originally from Salama, Jaffa (Yafa), now we are refugees from the east of Khan younis to the center of it. my grandfather gave me the key of his house in Jaffa, he was 15 years old back then, he told us about his sufferings in one of the winter nights we were setting around the fire he let… now I have our home key.. I know we will be back this time, and I still want to go back to Jaffa.

The clock’s hands were moving heavily, carrying our burdens.. slow time and fast heart’s beats.





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