The feelings of both sides _The victim and the killer.


Ever wondered of how does it feel when your house get destroyed on your head? And how does the pilot feel when he pushes the button that releases the bomb? Well you are lucky I got you  the feeling of both sides_ the victim and the killer.

First let’s start with the story of my friend’s miraculous survival after their house were demolished while they were in it.

Haya Abu Dagga she’s 20 years old, the oldest among her 7 siblings, she’s studying architecture, her childhood dream was to be an architect to help in building and rebuilding Gaza.

Haya who had witnessed the second Intifada, 2008-2009 aggression, 2012 aggression, the suffocating siege  and now the current aggression, barely believes what’s going on with her, she can’t pull herself together.

In the bingeing of the aggression they had to leave their house in the middle of the night after Israeli forces had released some poisonous gases in their area, their located-in-dangerous-area house is partly destroyed. they stayed at her aunt’s house which then was shelled  by artily bombs, they had to leave again, one of their acquaintances gave them a small 2-stores house to stay in it. Then the house was targeted by F16 plans in yesterday noon.     

”Dad called me for lunch” she reminisced ” I told him I don’t want to fricking eat, I just want to sleep and when I wake up I want to get out of this area, I hate it here and I don’t want to stay here anymore”  Haya added

She laid her head on the pillow and BOOM a huge blast shook every corner of her house, then it started to pour stones and fragments.   ”suddenly I found all my siblings above each other and above me, I don’t know how it happened! It was horrific”  her voice muffled.

 ”it was like a nightmare for a moment there I couldn’t believe it was real” she said pressing words out .

They were covered by stones and sand, they couldn’t see anything through the thick smoke.

”it all happened in less than a second” Haya said

Her mum told them to get down quickly, but that seemed impossible because the stairs were partly destroyed and they can’t see anything.

Her little sister fell from the stairs on her head all the way to the ground, somehow her siblings went down, she was trapped above” I kept rubbing my eyes trying to see but it was all in vain” she sighed

After she almost lost her hope, her sister’s voice revived her hopes again, she started to run following the voice, she finally found them.

They walked barefoot on a land full of thorns under the burning sun of August,  they kept running for nowhere, they didn’t know where they were heading to, they were just running for their life.

Her mom and little siblings couldn’t run that far, ” my baby brother was crying snuggling up to my mother, I took him, and God he was painfully shivering”  she said.

Her father and brother were injured, when they finally made it to a safe place her father told her to count all her siblings and made sure they were all there, he was bleeding but he didn’t even notice it till Haya told him.

They are not the only family who went through that, her little brothers were not the only children with ruined childhood, this scenario happened with lots and lots of family.

Now let’s turn the page to know how does the pilot feel, this what , Dan Halutz  an Israeli Air Force Lt. General had said in an interview back in 2002 When the reporter asked him about the feelings of a pilot  and what he feels when he drops a bomb:

No. That is not a legitimate question and it is not asked. But if you nevertheless want to know what I feel when I release a bomb, I will tell you: I feel a light bump to the plane as a result of the bomb’s release. A second later it’s gone, and that’s all. That is what I feel.


3 thoughts on “The feelings of both sides _The victim and the killer.

  1. I like the contrast portrayed in this post. There seems to be different ways to keep one’s distance when harming others. Some ways are psychological. Other ways are physical, such as by flying a plane. While the victim suffers, the perpetrator is left devoid of meaningful feelings. Which one is the worse off?

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