Ice bucket challenge Vs. bombs bucket challenge!


So let me get this straight, famous and rich people are pouring icy water on themselves to increase awareness of some RARE disease that’s responsible for 2 death per hundred thousand population annually?!!

So those ”mature” influential people who are considered as role models for a lot of people specially kids and youth are making this irresponsible act of wasting CLEAN water!!


Boston City Councillor Tito Jackson, right, leads some 200 people in the ice bucket challenge at Boston’s Copley Square


Ever heard that the planet is suffering from water shortage?

Do you know that every 21 seconds a child die from a water related diseases?

Do you know that 780 million people lack access to clean water that’s more than 2.5 times of US population that’s approximately one in nine.

Do you know that women spend more than 200 million hours a day collecting water?!


women carrying water on their head.

This whole challenge  sickens me because I know how it feel to suffer from water shortage, during my life in the refuges we had to live with a very limited amount of clean water that we usually kept for my baby brother.

It saddens me that these challenges are coming from iconic people that I respect.

There are many different sundry ways to increase awareness over any cause without wasting natural resources.

If every one of those people  showed up in a video saying a fact about ALS, it would have been better. Because actually people just watch the video of those  people and laugh they don’t go search about ALS.

Funny thing, we in Gaza are playing ”Bombs bucket challenge” , it’s pretty much the same however all you need for this challenge is a F 16 plane.

You sit in your house with your family and BOOM the pilot of the F 16 drops the bombs’ ”bucket” which is a very large one it ranges from 250 Kg. to  1 ton.

Bombing in Gaza.

If you died then you pass the challenge if you survived then you have to donate for people who had lost their beloved ones and houses in the bombs bucket challenges, it’s really simple.

I actually respect the fact that all those different celebrities united together to spread awareness but I just have issues with the ”mean” they used. I wish they will continue spreading awareness about another IMPORTANT causes .

Finally, I challenge each one of whom did the ice bucket challenge to, NO not a bomb bucket challenge neither a stone and sand bucket challenge but ”Peace bucket challenge”.

Make a video in which you say “stop the war on Gaza”, ”stop killing the civilians in Gaza” or anything you choose to increase awareness of our suffering here in Gaza or any other place around the world, let’s try to control things that are in our reach, things human do, not disease or things that we have no control over it  Or maybe need a lot of time to control. We can make it a better world for all if we want to.     




3 thoughts on “Ice bucket challenge Vs. bombs bucket challenge!

  1. u r right Dalia and I agree with u that the mean used maybe a waste. But to use ice bucket was originally an idea of a patient suffering of ALS who described some of the pain that he suffered daily as a frozen water shower! in the western world there r a lot of problems which need solution and research and one of them is ALS. There r no funds to research ALS and that’s why we need to tell people about it. Of course we can make the world better by stopping war and solving the great and in ur opinion IMPORTANT matters but remember that any human suffering need attention. That’s why i didn’t like the aggressive style u used in this article. Finally, i wish u the best, u have a great and beautiful way of expression.
    ALLAH be with u with GAZA!

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  2. You actually raised salient points here, I couldn’t agree less. However, you must not forget the differences in culture and people’s understanding of issues unconnected to them. The humanitarian situation in Gaza afflicts all of us, and he hope it comes to a halt.

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