Gaza is more than piles of destruction.

One of my dearest friends wishes if she can understand how  living in Gaza feels.

Well, it feels everything and nothing all at once, it’s absolute sereneness, peaceful whiteness, whiteness could mean nothing to some, however if you mixed all the colors in the universe you will get back to whiteness _ nothing out of everything.

Gaza's sea photo by: Mohamed Zarandah
Gaza’s sea
photo by: Mohamed Zarandah

We felt and feel all the known feelings and a little more, we felt happiness to every ceasefire, when the nightmare ended and when we survived, for sure.

It was fake happiness, some may ask and yes need I to answer. Nonetheless, fake or fakeless, it felt sort of goodness.

Goodness in badness, sun rays breaking through the heavy murky gray clouds of December.

We were worried all the time and we still, you can clearly see the letters (w,o,r,r,y) sneaking around our eyeballs. Yet we are stuffed with hope, really. We exhale it. It’s in our blurred smiles to the world, in our I-wish-I-could-help smile to each other.

Gazaian child  photo by Mohamed Zarandah
Gazaian child
photo by Mohamed Zarandah

Deep down in each one of us a belief: it will end up okay no matter how melancholy it is, it is shimmering in the darkness of our vivid tired souls.

We trust not people, not nations, not governments, we trust Allah. And as the all-wise said in the Holy Quran: (so surely with difficulty comes ease) 94:5

I really wonder of the people who keep saying, we in Gaza promote a culture of hate, and I shall write about it in different context. But for now I want you to know that we are not, we sew our wounds with hope, we breathe love and our religion is Islam which means PEACE, how come we get called haters?!

photo by Mohamed Zarandah
photo by Mohamed Zarandah

We don’t hate on people who conspired against us, who watched us silently being slain with tied hands, people who made it their duty in life to make our life miserly unbearable, we don’t hate people who refuse to lift over the siege , we don’t hate anyone at all, we might ”dislike” what they do to us,  the injustice, the oppression, everyone dislike that after all.

I invite you all to visit Gaza, it’s a very beautiful city, come enjoy our beach, Gaza's sea photo by Mohamed Zarandah watch the sun set which is breathtaking,  come and meet the people who are unbelievingly kind.  Please don’t think of Gaza as piles of destructions, it’s way more beautiful than that.

Gaza's sea photo by Mohamed Zarandah
Gaza’s sea photo by Mohamed Zarandah

4 thoughts on “Gaza is more than piles of destruction.

  1. I love the way you write, Dalia & thank you for telling me how it is to be in Gaza & sharing how you are feeling. Gaza is indeed a beautiful place & I hope I shall visit one day. The courage, hope & goodness of all of you shines through the photos & words I read. My heart & prayers are with you & all Gazans. God bless you all x

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  2. You are amazing dear Dalia. You pictured very well how living in Gaza looks like. I admire Gazans for their courage, and especially young people like you. Please continue your work. I’m sure millions of people around the world understand you very well, and wish you success in your long struggle for getting out of the zionists clutches.


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