When darting into thy ineffable fantasy

Don’t be scared it’s only dark in the beginning

The vortex is kaleidoscopic, feel the spinning

Thoughts wobble around, in thy art, want to be

The colors fill up your lungs while you go down deep

But colors make your soul light and young, you float

Smeared with inspiration you find the  hope _ thy boat

Forever thee sowed kindness thus love is what thee reap


Imagination is the rendezvous where poetic souls meet

They go there on time, there they all have effulgent seats

A place to enjoy the song of silence away from city streets

Betwixt and between all your ears hear is lyrical heart beats 


Silence is their minds’ spring, close your eyes, breath in and swing

Meticulously, listen to the song of ambition your body sings _

Life is teemed with color and The sun is merely a golden ring

poignant of thoughts rambling in your mind _ queens and kings

they fell under the shimmering moon’s magical spell

his pen flow his heart, her brushes pain-paint

she danced, then after the show the lights faint

and when he sings to her in his melodic voice she’ll dwell

colors and arts bind us, I finally doth.

Beautifully expressing love and evil _ both

Always remember you are utterly blessed

Find your gift and your soul, in peace, will rest.



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