Youth initiative in Gaza

When hopes and dreams are faced with broken promises, the suffering increases and the faith in humanity starts to fade.
Based in Gaza, 19 years old, embracing the dream of becoming a journalist and driven by self-confidence and hard work . Sara AlNajjar, one of many inspiring examples in Gaza, where ambition beams through tScreenshot_2015-04-17-15-36-39_1he sieged wreckage.

Sara, who has one older sister and three younger brothers, was visually impaired. Since she was young her family supported her and have done all they can to include her in the community. She joined public schools  and she proved that her disability won’t put her in a dark corner away from the community.

The student:

She was a distinguish student, clever and polite she was the teacher favorite of all the time. Some teachers are still in touch with her till now!
Her spark continued to shine while her sight continued to fade. She graduated from high school with an average of 95%. Being in the top students boards attracted the attention of media specially because of her disability. That was when everyone around her, even her family, heard about her suffering during studying. Sara never complained and people considered her genuine smile an indicator that everything is going alright.
it was the first time she mentioned that she could barely see anything with her right eye in an interview. The intense usage of the magnifying glasses caused the damage. “A price of success ” she called it. She used to study for more than 15 hours a day just so she could keep it up with people with normal sight. The page takes her  around 15 minutes to finish! And during the exams she was studying 22 hours a day.

She had to finish 10 books! TWICE! In  6 months to achieve this success.

Broken promises:

Sara reading a book using her magnifying glass

The media coverage of Sara’s success story, made some people to invite her to west bank in order to find her a solution that would make her dreams and passion chasing easier. They wanted to make sure she can see the path she’s about to follow.

she travelled and met different doctors who sent her from city to city with accumulated hope. The dawn seemed really close when she met the chef of medical services in the ministry of health, who in his turn wrote an order to the people in charge to help her getting the glasses as soon as possible.
Two years have passed and still no glasses. Just crashed hopes.

Following a dream:

All the interviews Sara made after she finished high school spotted the light in her journalism skills, making following her childhood dream more appealing. And you would bet she’s being a great student.c6a895ec969f8ace576929c6b1c9d32f
not only that but also she’s volunteering in different organization  trying to leave a print. Challenging herself, her capabilities and disability.
” I’ll keep going till I lose it all” she keeps saying whenever anyone tell her to slow down with the studying efforts specially during the black out.
Seeking for help: 

Sara believes that there are other people who are in need for help and refuses to blame anyone for not getting the glasses.
But her endless suffering made her sister with the help of some b9b3d4b2-43c4-4f8f-844e-b0379621cf4cfriends to launch #HelpSara campaign without Sara’s knowledge. ” I don’t know if it’s going to work or not and I won’t raise her hopes and crash them again!” her sister justifying the secrecy of the campaign.
together we can help is the motto that you can see in the souls, eyes and efforts of #HelpSara campaign team. The team is also thinking of establishing an organization to help the people who are willing to leave a print in their communities and want to improve it yet their sight disability stands as an obstacle.

“We believe in fair opportunities to everyone, they have energy like everyone else and it should be directed and invested in the social development rather than fighting the challenges their disability create. particularly when we can tackle them down with some help.” The campaign team added.
when leaders and decision makers are busy fighting, creating new fights and solving old ones. The promising youth step in to take care of the community within the scope of their abilities and a little bit beyond.

here’s the campaign Video: 

for further information about the campaign:

or the facebook page:


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