Mint it: Youth team in Gaza works to promote positivity

With “No Act Of Kindness Is Ever Wasted” printed on their shirts, hearts and actions, Mint It team was peppered in Gaza port to add the positivity flavor to the reading chain event that took place  in  the 3rd of March.

a group picture of Mint It with the social cohesion project

#MintIt is about adding a positive and kind flavors to the community. With a variety of engaging activities including giving people motivate and inspiring phrases such as “ live crazy adventures that would let your grandchildren drop their cellphones to hear you!” and “Don’t look with your eyes, look with your heart and brain! See the kindness floating yet?“, and also writing and sticking catchy appreciative notes on people thanking them like “Thank you for being awesome“, “you got that special smile, show it off” and other activities.

People Reacting

the people were very supportive. A lot of people thanked the team with admiration from the police officers, fishermen, the reading chain organizers and participants, press men, drivers, elderly and KIDS! 

mint it with police officer

It was something new and surprising to a lot of people. To stick a note that says nice thing on someone book, shoulder, back or even car was new even to the team itself. It took bravery to eliminate some cultural constrains from a group of youth under 17.

The positive fever

It took no time to get people asking to join the team in what they were doing. Including a child that came to me and asked for a sticky notes and a pen. the first thing  he wrote was “smile to life”.

A kid joining the team’s activities.

While we were standing together waiting for the cars, a guy came to us and asked if we could write something to his fiancée it took the team no time to stick a bunch of lovely notes on her arms. He was very happy to see his fiancée blushing and smiling. They left with ” you are loving and awesome” on his back.

Why maintenance workers!

The symbol and the team name are printed on the front of the shirts and a big bold Maintenance worker with “no act of kindness is ever wasted” beneath it were on the back of the shirt.

A lot of people stopped the team to ask :why mint it?” and “what are you maintaining?” “we want to add flavor to the community ” and ” we maintain hearts and smiles” were among the answers. 

a group picture of Mint It with the social cohesion project

We know that Palestine and Gaza particularly are suffering from different things that we are very concern about. However, we only trying to tackle the things within our circle of influence. This is how change starts.

Building Min it

In September 2015, after couple of  months of weekly workshops and training about servants leadership, life skills, communication and initiative building, one of the groups I work with, in the social cohesion project, was inspired by the optimistic view that I was telling them about and they decide to build “Mint it”. A team that aims at spreading positivity and promoting the culture of appreciation and gratitude.

The team believes that  all the awful circumstances and hardship  that the people in Gaza are going through is making every one more hassle , impatient and ungrateful.  We want to encourage the kindness acts, increase social cohesion and make being appreciative cool again.   

As part of Tamer Institute for community education  

Mint it is one of the social cohesion project teams, which is funded by the Unicef and implemented by Tamer institute for community education. Mint it team adopted the principles of Tamer that revolves around encouraging reading and participatory learning as tools for community development. The Astrid Lindgren Memorial awarded institute  is the only Palestinian institute that have a huge publishing unit.   

I gave a book away! 

a group picture of Mint It with the social cohesion project

Mint it participated in the national “I gave a book away” campaign that Tam
er Institute lunch every year. The team knocked on people doors in rural and urban areas . and to everyone surprise the team collected about 300 books in few hours!

The first activity

Since the time the team was built last year, we  have made it a priority to promote gratitude, appreciation, love and positivity in Gaza.  In December 2015 we decide to end the year with a month of gratitude in which every member of the team  expressed their gratitude and appreciation to something or someone in school, family, friends and neighborhood. 

Other than appreciation people in person, some members took it to the online world with #GratitudeMatters and #30DaysOfGratitude. This made their friends joining in.   

International Women’s day

In the international women’s day the team was invited to parti12834464_476560612540899_627312948_ncipate in “Start with yourself imitative” activities. After a workshop about women’s rights, We went to the hospital to give the women flowers. In the way back Mint It gave men small notes that says “Tell her thank you”, “Tell her that you love the food she makes” and  “tell her she is inspiring”.


Right now the team is planning activities for the national reading week in April. The team wants to use their flavors to encourage children to read more.

I am very proud of this team following my messages. It makes me feel that I am achieving my life mission. One of the team members told me “you deserve a noble for your optimism and hope!” 

The world is kind. If you look at it through my lens!  


6 thoughts on “Mint it: Youth team in Gaza works to promote positivity

  1. Dalia, how I wish we have many copies of you. I am sure Gaza will look much brighter then.
    I loved your thoughts and highly appreciate what you and the team are doing!

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