In the latest of her regular series of despatches from Gaza, Dalia Al-Najjar focuses on how her younger generation copes after three wars, power cuts and endless uncertainty. … More WE MAKE UP HOPE!


2015 war backstage!

Warning: this article isn’t for people who personally know me. Why? Will you ┬ájust be a little bit more patient? I can hear the movement of your facial muscles drawing a funny puzzled face while getting closer to the screen. Back off for the sake of your eyes’ health. I am an optimistic person most … More 2015 war backstage!


thoughts sneak in, snaking around thy soul, breaking through thy picturesque fantasies, hueing the dappled shades of spring and fall, healing your hidden wounds with a breeze. you may struggle to force thoughts to behave, the crumpled and mingled thoughts’ flow to make thy wild mind an obedient slave ideas should unhesitatingly come and go … More Thoughts


When darting into thy ineffable fantasy Don’t be scared it’s only dark in the beginning The vortex is kaleidoscopic, feel the spinning Thoughts wobble around, in thy art, want to be The colors fill up your lungs while you go down deep But colors make your soul light and young, you float Smeared with inspiration … More Fantasy